Healing Power of Pleasure Workshop

Ancient teachings for a happier life

A delightful immersive workshop.

Want more intimacy, joy and empowerment? Discover how to create these in practice and in your life! Join us for a fun, nourishing and profound workshop. An embodied inquiry into how YOU are in your self and in your relationships with others! I believe the secret for success are somatic life skills that can be easily learnt and practiced!

This workshop is a set of meditative practices, including talking, awareness, feeling, sensing, breathing, and moving. These exercises will cultivate your sensitivity, presence, relational skills, sensuality, wisdom and potential. Together, we will journey through the 7 practical, paradigm-shift spiritual medicines, so that you can understand, explore and embody these capacities!

We will begin in the mess of where you are right now, imperfect, frustrated, exhausted, etc., and set a clear and magical aim.

Slow: Most of us live life under pressure, at full tilt. Slowing down out of frantic thoughts and fast actions, without time or space to remember yourself, is a gift of KINDNESS to You. A short pause is a mini-reset button. Counter-intuitively, slowing down actually enables us to get more done, faster. It re-unites our usually separated body and mind into the same rhythm, energy is gathered, and there is more focus, vitality and productivity. "Slowing down is sometimes the best way to go fast." - Mike Vance

Body: We barely notice that we have a physical body! Yet life actually takes place in our body, in our physical sensate experience. We are a body. You will discover that practicing sensing more deeply into your body is a journey of personal discovery. It delivers a richer fuller experience of life and enables you to tap into your own wise instinctual intelligence.It brings you a sense of more realness and reality, because the body is always in reality. "When we're awake in our bodies and sense, the world comes alive. Wisdom, creativity and love are discerned as we relax and awaken through our bodies." - Tara Brach

Depth: There is a great deal more going on in life that we are usually aware of. In each moment vast amounts of data exist, without us being able to label, measure, see and touch it. Unknowingness is a powerful doorway... When we deepen beyond ordinary everyday perception, we can feel awed, humbled, and become more grounded. Our mind, body and soul opens to the spiritual aspects of life and we are readied to make real contact and be in real inter-connection with others. "Your heart is the size of an ocean go find its hidden depth" - Rumi

Relationship: Contrary to the modern idea of a relationship as being really only an intimate one-to-one relationship, we are all in a multitude of relationships all of the time. In ancient times, humans lived in tribes, relying on each other and animals for survival. None of us are really alone. Our modern anxiety of disconnection softens, when we can sense into the web of interconnections with others. We feel ourselves to be more safe and calm in the world. We become aware that we are widely connected and loved, even if someone’s behaviour in the moment actually feels hateful. We know that we belong."Universe or quantum consciousness emphasises that we are interrelated and interconnected and interdependent" - Gian Kumar

Pleasure: Life is incredibly sensual in multi-dimensional colours, sounds, textures, shapes and smells. Yet culturally we are encouraged to push on first to earn the reward of pleasure later. Do you recognise the prevailing idea of work hard now, play hard later? Yet pleasure is always available. It is a matter of choosing to notice that it is already here. What gives you delight right now? Sense into whatever deliciousness you can find… Perhaps a taste in your mouth, pelvic tingle, full breasts, a movement or song, cake, picture or plant? Pleasure is a skill that you can train in. And pleasure - of all kinds - throughout the day makes the many ordinary work, home and health challenges of everyday life worth it! Pleasure provides a ballast of personal resilience. And finding pleasure can transform each moment of relationship with your parent, child or lover, to being fresh and tasty. “Life is both fleeting and dangerous, and there is no point in denying yourself pleasure, or being anything other than what you are.” - Elisabeth Gilbert

Power: Most of the time, we do what is needed to survive. When animals are threatened, they get bigger, louder and stronger. Us humans do it with fake faces, voices and attitudes! Yet there is another way to win, with the authentic power of vulnerable emotional truth. It does take an effort of bothering to find out how you are really feeling. Yet doing so, will enable you to feel deeply better - because you will have gotten to the bottom of the problem. Energy previously locked up in defence is released: There is the sense of being in integrity, with core strength and essential power. You become unshakeable. "Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we'll ever do" - Brene Brown

Potency: Potency is the actualisation of our inner potential. It happens when we get out of the way of ourselves: self-criticism, worry about what’ll go wrong and others think of us... Balance takes a little consciousness to achieve. We tend to respond to the challenges of life with preferences and repeated habits, that over time, make us become lopsided. Balanced neutrality is created by integrating apparent opposites, like me/you, pain/pleasure, inside/outside, good/bad. Such simple actions begin to clear the path for magicalness to take place - from beyond us - to occur through us. It enables goodness, true nature, spirit, source, god, life, love, goddess, nature, whatever you like to call it, to inspire you, to act through you, to move you, in just the way you need… so your life is FULLY LIVED your way! "A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something" - Fritjof Capra

Attention can be cultivated and the body sensitized to feel and connect intimately with oneself and another. These exercises facilitate relaxation and opening, internally and with another human. You will engage in an inquiry into deep heart communion.

We will conclude our transformational journey together with stillness and reflection, embedding these new ways, planning how you can use them at home in your daily life, so that you can enjoy satisfying relationships, meaningful work and a vibrant life.

"Connection is why we are here." Brene Brown

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