"Very, very, very good"
 "Thank you very much"

Client Feedback

When I came to see Julia I felt awful - after four months of sessions I don't feel awful at all now. I can breathe again. I have been given something to work with myself. Some time later I continue to experience many and far reaching benefits.

MSB, Artist

"The day workshop was facilitated with grace and fluidity. I feel better in my body and achieved clarity. I feel more authentic in myself. Julia is an excellent facilitator."

SB, NSFH Healing Tutor

Julia is a remarkable and intuitive teacher and guide. I have been taking part in the retreats for close to two years now. Julia has a wonderful way of bringing the group together as a mutual support circle. This has opened my eyes time after time to different ways of tackling the challenges I face daily. Julia looks at, listens to, and senses each of us and then provides what she feels we need. Her instincts are spot on. I love Julia's dedication to the earth. I found the rituals in the garden particularly inspiring. I feel privileged to be part of the community.

LF, Musician

Julia is an amazing Goddess. She soothed my trauma from my body in an intuitive and loving way only known to those from another spiritual dimension. I love Julia xx

CG, Psychotherapy Trainer

Julia led us gently into a peaceful timeless space. Her healing energy facilitates this. I let go of preoccupations and concerns, truly connected with my body and the earth, feeling natural, wholesome and deeply relaxed. My breathing became full and deep, with a sense of safety and love. Profoundly restful and restorative. I keep coming back.

NJ, Nurse

I appreciate your accepting, respectful, honest and tender feedback. The way you encourage me, life-enhancingly, to open at my own pace - and challenge ways I am not fully alive, real and in my body. I feel helped by the way you normalize struggles and are as an equal fellow human being. I value your humour and intuition.

GG, Psychotherapist

I am feeling so much better. I feel stronger and aware that I have a stronger sense of self. It is quite exciting. Thank you for your work.

HK, Teacher

I have been attending Julia's groups for some time. It is a very nurturing experience. Her healing presence gives me a great sense of wholeness and peace, making me feel stronger and better able to cope with the daily stress and challenges of modern life. I leave with a deep feeling of love and security in my heart that sustains me for some time afterwards. Julia's work connects me with something vital and essential in our nature that we are losing touch-with in our society.

GL, Sound Engineer

I've been more alive and connected since the workshop. I enjoyed the trust and openness in the group, the lovely venue and playful facilitation. I have been carrying the experience of the garden with me in my heart and my body.

GT, Receptionist and Writer

It was lovely meeting Julia. I felt very safe. It was a deeply profound healing experience. I felt a great weight lifted off my shoulders and myself moving on to a new path. Since then I have noticed a shift in my way of relating, in expressing my feelings more directly to other people. I have learned to trust more my 6th sense. I would definitely recommend these groups.

CG, Actress

When I see Julia there's a big 'aaah'. And when she works on me, it's like she's pulling me out of the cold into warm, cosy pair of socks! She brings me back into my body & grounds me.

KJR, Teacher

During the one and a half years I consulted Julia's support, I grew in confidence and made friends with inner trouble-makers that thankfully aren't there anymore. Julia has a warm and trustful approach and whenever I visited, it felt like coming home to a good old friend. Whatever I revealed, her response always felt natural and in the right place. Her sessions are injected with humour and her generous smile. I often left energized and ready to cope with new challenges in my life.

MB, Singer, Artist, Photographer

I have found working with Julia to be grounding, I trust her very sound advice, and become more in tune with my own inner knowing. I have found these sessions far more beneficial than any psychic or other reading I've been to!

JH, Translator

Thank you for the work we did together. Since then I've lived my life closer to who I really am than I have in the past and have to say it is easier and harder in equal measure. It's a challenge I'm proud to be up for.

JB, Coach and Author

I sleep better. My migraines decreased dramatically. I now understand the physical and psychological cause.

AP, Administrator

Julia supported me through a period of particular stress with unique insight and compassion through conversation and bodywork. I recommend her to anyone.

CW, Manager

After 5 sessions, my back improved so much I am pain free at the end of a hard day. I found Julia to be very helpful and loving, and after a session I would feel relieved.

VK, Teacher

I always feel better after a session with Julia. They are always beneficial, helping me to cope, to really be myself. When I leave, I feel relaxed, eyes shining, with a good natural buzz.

AM, Surveyor

I felt really at ease straight away. I learned to accept myself honestly for who I am and to unlock the physical patterns which created unnecessary anxiety. Recurring earache and sinus problems eased.

AR, Lawyer

"Long-term, deep pain in my neck has been relieved. Julia helped me gently along a painful and rocky path in my life. Subtle stress symptoms have eased."

JS, Company Director

This work returns me to my joy and myself, my centre and my ground. I am learning to trust myself. So grateful for the difference you have enabled in me!

MT, Teacher

Julia works with speech, touch, understanding and often humour so that I emerge lighter, looser and feeling lucky to be alive.

SC, Accountant

Thank you so much. You have undoubtedly been a significant factor in helping me move out from a very dark space and regain my sense of self and positivity!

AB, Healer

Thank you for the gift of 'seeing me'. So glad you see through my words...!

GE, Musician

Julia is spot-on. One does not come across Julia's quality of touch often. She picks up what's going on on a deeper level than I have spoken. Her guidance is gentle and firm. I am taking the right steps forward.

RK, Businessman

When I leave Julia's group I feel rooted and safe - calm, peaceful and spacious. I value myself and what I have to offer. I am reconnected with intuition, satisfied, happy.

TF, Psychotherapist