"A fun and engaging teacher"

"A fun and engaging teacher"

Julia Hollenbery

Embodiment Guide

Julia is an experienced healer, bodyworker and teacher, and author of the highly recommended internationally published book, 'The Healing Power of Pleasure: Seven Medicines for Rediscovering the Innate Joy of Being'. She is currently writing 'BodySoul: How to Reclaim Your Inner Wisdom for a Life of Joy and Resilience'. She loves to share her love of the mystery, real sensual relationships and the life of the body.

Julia is passionate about helping people embrace the joy of life by tuning into the wisdom of their own body. She draws on her many formal qualifications, personal journey and knowledge gained by working with many previous clients.

She blends Grinberg Bodywork, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Constellations with her expertise in a wide range of spiritual traditions including Sufism, Shamanism, Tantra, Kabbalah, Gurdjieff work and Inquiry.

Julia’s unique capacity is to see people in a way they have probably never been seen before, profoundly with acceptance and love. She brings to every interaction an extraordinary quality of attunement and a deep, innate wisdom for practical healing and wholeness. She guides people to envision and embody their unique potential.

She lives in London with her boyfriend and her teenage daughter. She loves to dance wildly, kickbox and spend time on the beach.

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This work is an opportunity to remember what you already know and to be who you really are.

For over twenty five years I worked as a body therapist in professional private practice, for individuals with a variety of emotional and physical symptoms. I gained much experience of the human condition.

In this role my formal education was put into practice - a degree in English Literature, a three year course in the Grinberg Method of Bodywork (Israel), a two year course in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (Karuna Institute, Devon) and a two year course in Family Constellations, a kind of body Psychotherapy (CSISS, London.)

The work I am now offering comes from my constant contact with the invisible world, gift of instinctual knowing and hard-won personal transformation. It is what I know of the mystery. An initiation prepared me: In 2010 I experienced an intense crisis (my mother died, my daughter was born, I was a single parent with little support.) Afterwards I felt somehow 'ready' and began holding groups at the end of 2011, finding out what was to be done...

I now live in London with my boyfriend and teenage daughter. My "highly recommended" book was published last year. I offer individual sessions and teach week long retreats. I feel blessed. My unique capacity is to really see people, in a way that they have probably never been seen before, profoundly with acceptance and love.

This work is supported by my informal education with spiritual teachers. Gratitude to Jim Moore (Gurdjieff), Baba Ram Dass (Ayurveda), Llewellyn Vaughn Lee (Sufism), Judith Hemming (Constellations), Judith Seelig (Yoga), A. H. Almaas (Ridhwan), Mirabai Devi (New Paradigm), Michaela Boehm (Tantra), John Oakley (Kabbalah) and others.

As a conduit for the Divine Feminine, my approach is receptive, inclusive and interactive. It is my pleasure, my contribution in service to the whole.

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