Let The Big You Out!

With In-Depth Somatic Awakening Sessions

Sessions are an opportunity to deeply discuss and powerfully transform your health, mood, relationships and work. An alchemical process of positive change will occur for you – clarifying, calming and energizing!

One hour sessions are a transformational blend of dialogue, hands-on bodywork and energywork. They combine powerful healing techniques from Grinberg Method of Bodywork, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Systemic Constellations. You will be taught somatic exercises in attention, breath and movement. You will connect with the sensations of your body and your deeper feelings. You will be able to usefully practice these practical exercises for self-care in your daily life.

You will leave a session feeling more alive, embodied and confident. You will reconnect to a rich and vivid state of being that is relaxed, enjoyable, expansive and real – in touch with your wise guidance.

You will be supported to inhabit your physical body, passions, feelings and gifts. Your psychology and physiology will be regulated – releasing old shameful patterns – freeing energy for joyful living. 

Choose your destination – enhanced intimate relationship, pleasurable purpose work, or vibrant dynamic wellness! Let the big you out!

Intimacy Journey:

  • body image
  • relationship history
  • pleasure patterns and freedoms
  • knowing what you want
  • effective communication
  • owning your pleasure
  • co-creation with life

Purpose Journey:

  • where you are now
  • childhood gifts
  • life’s challenges
  • what you have learned
  • your unique perspective
  • stepping forward
  • co-creation with life

Vibrancy Journey:

  • your unique gifts and challenges
  • your habits of tension
  • letting go of your armour
  • potential beneath the mask
  • freeing your energetic matrix
  • personal embodiment
  • streaming energy

A single session is £85. A first experience session can be upgraded into a full journey of 7 sessions to your desired destination.

To embody your unique personal potential for wisdom, satisfaction and pleasure, choose a Universe of Deliciousness experience. This deeply individualised travel will begin with a VIP day with me, 9 monthly sessions, a free copy of my book and deliciousness diary, free attendance in all workshops and online communities, and a tailored personal practical program for you to use in your daily life to achieve your dream. £995


“Healing is a gift. It is the restoration of order.” Bert Hellinger

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