"I'm taking the right steps forward"

"I'm taking the right steps forward"

Personal Sessions

At Home in Your Body and Life

You are very welcome here. Life isn't easy. We all deserve to receive healing, to live our wholeness and fulfil our unique potential. A session is an in-depth therapeutic experience tailored to where you are right now and what you need. An individual session includes a transformational blend of dialogue, bodywork, imagery, alchemy and ritual.

Sessions last for an hour, we can meet in person in North London or online on Zoom. I'm an expert in supporting resilience, happiness, and relationships. I bring my professional skills, personal sensitivity and presence, in service of your best life - and collectively, a better world for all.

Choose your destination

Enhanced intimate relationship, pleasurable purpose work, or vibrant dynamic wellness! Let the big you out!

A single session is £85. A first experience session can be upgraded into a full journey of 7 sessions to your desired destination.

To embody your unique personal potential for wisdom, satisfaction and pleasure, choose a Universe of Deliciousness experience. This deeply individualised travel will begin with a VIP day with me, 9 monthly sessions, a free copy of my book and deliciousness diary, free attendance in all workshops and online communities, and a tailored personal practical program for you to use in your daily life to achieve your dream. £995

“Healing is a gift. It is the restoration of order.” Bert Hellinger

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