This workshop will welcome, enliven and ground you in bodily enjoyment and embodied vitality. Explore your personal presence, open to a more authentic, connected and playful realm of relating, deepen into sensual deliciousness and […]

An interactive and transformational talk about how you can live more happily, sensually and consciously. Welcome to the Universe of Deliciousness, an invisible realm known by […]

In times of uncertainty, we don’t need old mental maps based on the past — we need to be able to access our personal wisdom in response to the immediate unfamiliar situation. In this 3 hours workshop, Julia will lead you through the seven medicines to return to your naturally wise instinctual self.

Join me and a fabulous line-up of world-class sexuality educators and facilitators for four free delicious evenings of fun, learning, and exploration.

(Times in US Pacific Time) Enjoy a transformational healing journey using the magical power of pleasure. Author Julia Paulette Hollenbery will guide you through a seven-step process of practical spiritual medicines – slow, body, depth, relationship, pleasure, power, and potency. Her presentation will evoke a sensual realm. You will leave feeling relaxed and calm with an awakened body sensuality. You will demonstrate how to apply these spiritual medicines in your daily life and help you connect with your own wisdom, resiliency, and creativity.