The media is using disproportionately dramatic and  aggressive language to describe this virus and our response to it. Statistics can be manipulated to communicate different messages. Numbers are not always honest. In truth, many more die from ordinary winter flu, cancer, diabetes, road accidents and poverty than this new viral pandemic. Although the effects of this virus can be tough, we are being entrained into fear, panic and terror. 



The fact is that the vast majority (but absolutely not all) of the people who have died and probably will die are elderly and already unwell. We do need to remember that death is a natural part of life. Death is not total darkness or the end, it is the night that balances the day. 



The challenge for us now is to stay grounded in the face of fear. To ride the waves of various feelings as all about us changes. We may be facing the loss of livelihood, perhaps loved ones, and the loss of a way of life we took for granted. 

The older generation who have lived through war, deprivation and rationing, are calmer about all this, than most of the rest of us. They know that virus or no virus, we are all in Gods arms. The moment and method of death is never up to us anyway.

The challenge for us now is to stay grounded in the face of fear. To ride the waves of various feelings as all about us changes. We may be facing the loss of livelihood, perhaps loved ones, and the loss of a way of life we took for granted. 



We need to find ways to stay supported, embodied and grounded. We can reach out to connect with other people for their love, reflection and intelligence.  And we can connect more lovingly with our own sense of our own wise body. 

We need to find the capable realistic adult ballast, whilst our inner frozen children may tremor and terror. We need to be able to soothe ourselves healthily and productively.

Responsive and Responsible

…Until now we all took what we wanted without limit or really responsibility. We ate, shopped, and worked as fast as we could, without care or caution, as if there was no tomorrow. We often neglected our physical health while pursuing ambitious work goals. Industry plucked oil from the ground and spewed pollution into the air and the water. We most of us paid scant regard to the living environment, to our own soulbodies and to other people, to the animals, insects and plants. We have all been unconsciously complicit in this massive collective neglect.

The environment has been in crisis for many years. Many animal and plant species have gone extinct. The earth has been suffocating with our abuses. 

Now it is the humans in crisis…

Now with this pandemic and locked-down situation, we are being forced to be mindful, of our usage and our connections. We are starting to realise that no person is an island, no nation is unrelated to others around it.


The homeopathic remedy for Corona Virus is Arsenicum Album. This is a remedy for poison. I feel that this crisis is calling forth our inner poisonous attitudes, our hate towards ourselves, others and the earth.

Now is an opportunity to heal our underlying fear of loss of control. It is an invitation to heal our need to assert dominance over others. It is a chance to let go of our old habits, attitudes, patterns and perspectives… of faster and faster… to welcome in the new, unknown, unfamiliar possibilities… of slow and sensual… as the skies are starting to clear over China, the dolphins are returning to the waters of Venice, and the Llamas and Bears to Ecuador. 

According to Rudolf Steiner, 19th century mystic and educator, a virus is not dangerous. It is a poison being excreted from a cell. If it is actually the new rollout of 5G and the increased electromagnetic radiation that is poisoning us, it makes sense the homeopathic remedy for us, is Arsenicum.

This is a time of tremendous change and loss. If we can shift from an attitude of dominance, control and speed, to one of trust, surrender and slowness, it can become a time of regeneration.

Crisis is always a healing opportunity. If we can garner sufficient resources to stay rooted in our bodies and to trust the unknown, we will find treasure.

Julia March 2020

Julia Paulette Hollenbery
Julia Paulette Hollenbery
Julia Paulette Hollenbery is an Embodied Spirituality Teacher, Speaker and Author. Her book, 'The Healing Power of Pleasure: Seven Medicines for Rediscovering the Innate Joy of Being' is internationally published by Findhorn Press and is available to buy everywhere. Julia offers group workshops and individual sessions, bringing people into their authentic joyful confidence, for happy relationships, productive work and vibrant health. She has worked with numerous clients over 25 years, with The Grinberg Method, Craniosacral Therapy, Family Constellations and Kashmiri Tantra. She sees people in a way they have probably never been seen before, profoundly with acceptance and love. She invites people to envision and embody their potential. Julia is passionate about sharing her life-long love of the mystery, real sensual relationship and the life of the body. She is mother of a fiery young daughter, loves to dance wildly and spend quiet time in forests and oceans.

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