When did you last feel really seen, heard and honoured? When have you felt physically touched in a way that reached your soul? We all yearn for this… deep contact with others and with the world… it is our birthright.

The physical body is much more than physical. It is a sensitive receptor of information – sight, sound, touch, feelings and more. It is our soulbody. It is designed for authentic relationship…

In our society and culture, most of the time, validation is given to visible, noisy, tangible information. But this is only a small part of the spectrum of reality. The vast amount of silent, invisible, and subtle information is generally ignored. And without a widespread context of acknowledgment of its existence, most of the time we just filter-it out. We simply don’t recognise it… Our brains learn to edit out a great deal of reality… There are old stories of native American tribes unfamiliar with boats who literally couldn’t see approaching seaships on the water. They had no frame of reference, they were effectively ‘blind’. They were unprepared and were conquered and destroyed.

The current stories of our culture are not the deepest truths and are therefore not really helpful for us. “I think therefore I am” is nonsense. I prefer “I feel therefore I am… “I sense therefore I am… “I experience therefore I am… Our human existence is not located only in our heads inside a flesh suit of clothes. There is no ghost in the machine of our body. The physical, emotional and mental realms are not separate. Notions of separation deny our beingness and creative power.

In ancient times, when people lived on the land and directly depended on it for food and shelter, the goddess was alive to them in the rhythms and cycles of nature and the body. Sex was a vehicle for coming closer to source, for embodying life. It was not a ‘workshop’ or ‘lifestyle’ pasted on top of a mental/physical divide, it was not erotic obsession, addiction, satisfaction just for myself – it was a wholistic approach wherein the body, earth and community were respected – the feminine was revered – sensual, sexy, creative, juicy, powerful, joyful, dynamic, feminine earth. It was understood that sexual energy comes into our bodies from the earth and does not belong personally to us. Life was lived on the curve, in relationship with all…. Not in straight lines. Not clocking in and clocking out. Not doing what we are told by others. But obedient to innate natural laws.

Thousands of years ago, human greed for personal possession, rather than communal possession, led to arrogance… Human minds found ways to dominate bodies and earth… the patriarchal era began, leading to now…

Without doubt it is time again to live the wild. Not as modern society would have us believe that this is dangerousnot crazed rebellion against the imposed constraints – but natural wildness which is wise and kind – inclusive, considerate, curious, humble, sensual and sacred. Wildness with integrity, in service to the greater deeper good. Wildness of true nature.

It is time again to honour our bodies as sensitive mediums of consciousness, receptive and responsive to soul and to spirit.

As a mystic, healer and artist, my mission is to encourage through my work, deeper seeing and deeper living. In the tradition of the ancient temples of Isis, my invitation is a return to the reverence of the sacredness of matter. Connecting the cosmic, mysterious and formless with the everyday physical, material, forms. My work is not directly sexual, I am not a sexworker, but it amounts to something of the same thing, in the way that I’m wired, where all interactions are gloriously sensual and soulful exchanges. I teach deep contact, honouring the sacredness of self, others, body and earth. The union of physical and divine.

Slowing down and opening to the deep beauty of life has the potential to heal us and our planet, restoring right inter-relationships – pleasure, dignity, freedom and purpose to our work lives, intimate lives and communal life.

Making the change takes a bit of practice. People need to taste, experience and re-calibrate. To learn some new ways… immersed in a deep and loving field…

When we feel really seen, heard and honoured, we can really relax. There is nothing more to prove or defend. We allow eye contact, conversation and physical touch ‘in’ to our soul. We dare to sparkle and expand as our soulchild most authentic selves. Our eyes shine! We reach out to others, not judging ugly or beautiful, not wanting anything in particular, including everything in a richness of relationship. We enjoy being ourselves in relationship with others.

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Julia Paulette Hollenbery
Julia Paulette Hollenbery
Julia Paulette Hollenbery is an Embodied Spirituality Teacher, Speaker and Author. Her book, 'The Healing Power of Pleasure: Seven Medicines for Rediscovering the Innate Joy of Being' is internationally published by Findhorn Press and is available to buy everywhere. Julia offers group workshops and individual sessions, bringing people into their authentic joyful confidence, for happy relationships, productive work and vibrant health. She has worked with numerous clients over 25 years, with The Grinberg Method, Craniosacral Therapy, Family Constellations and Kashmiri Tantra. She sees people in a way they have probably never been seen before, profoundly with acceptance and love. She invites people to envision and embody their potential. Julia is passionate about sharing her life-long love of the mystery, real sensual relationship and the life of the body. She is mother of a fiery young daughter, loves to dance wildly and spend quiet time in forests and oceans.

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